Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dentist visits

We don't update this blog very often and we wish we were able to do more.  Emma and Gretta went to the dentist today and both girls did awesome.  Gretta had her mouth opened extra wide and they both got their teeth polished with no problems.  We were nervous but they showed us how big they are getting. We bought Emma some winter pajamas at Once Upon A Child that were in the next size up (5T) but when we put them on she only has a few months in them maybe.  She looks like she might actually fit in to a 6T.  Granted these are used clothes so they may have shrunk but overall, I'd say she is having a growth spurt.
Things are in full swing at the farm with new chicks, new birds to the freezer, pigs sold, pigs being raised for pork, sheep about to have lambs, cows bred, etc.
We hope everyone is doing good!
Greg, Robyn, Emma, and Gretta

Monday, July 22, 2013

 Look at our girls helping mommy build a roosting area for our little chickens.  They are wearing hearing protection even though we're not running any equipment.  Gretta is holding the pole on and Emma is sweeping the sawdust.  They love sweeping the sawdust which is a great thing.

Here they are watching mommy trim a hoof.  They were very keen on asking lots of questions and think it is funny that a horse has a frog in it's foot.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Update on... nearly 8 months?!?! Good Grief!!!

Ok, so these pictures were loaded probably over a year ago, easily, at this point... saved them as a draft and then never got back to them.  These are mostly from last summer and previous to that.  A new update follows as the next post in the blog, sorry to get things out of order so badly, but glad to get some pictures up finally!

Our dear little Sophia Maria left us last August, it was very sad and we miss her every day, she was a tremendously special little kitty...

Gretta modeling the hat made for her as a baby by a friend of ours, she can stretch it out to still fit, even to this day!  Just looks like a little skull cap now... :)

Emma Kate riding her pony... man has her hair grown a lot since this picture was taken!!

Emma Kate trying out her new wheel barrow, she's such a big helper around the barn... going to have to get one for Gretta now too, they're wonderful farm girls! :)

Snuggled up with Jack, the little buddito... :)

Playing in the giant pool of air packs, as I recall, this entertained them for well over an hour... cheap thrills!

Going out for a "hay ride" Wish I could remember exactly when this was taken, before our new field was fenced...

Feeding apple cores to Snowy pony

Checking out the first few crocuses and daffodils of the spring

Flowers don't last long on the stem around here... again, can't believe how much her hair has grown!!!

OMG Gretta looks like such a baby!!!  She still loves that little radio...

Finger paints, always fun!

The girls discovered a little black cat trying to hide and get a few minutes of peace and quiet... lol

One of our trips to Maymont park, feeding the goats.  Crazy, Gretta is now just about outgrowing the VT coat that Emma Kate is wearing in this picture!
Always, loving the water!

Easter egg hunt at Mimi and PopPop's house, this must be Spring 2012

Mill Mountain Zoo

Crazy how fast they've grown up since these pictures were taken!

Face to face with a little cutie

Always such good helpers in the kitchen

Going for a walk at Mimi and PopPop's house, finding acorns maybe??

Emma Kate taking her baby out for a walk with the dogs

Topless egg-dying!!  Best way to keep shirts stain-free... :)

Gretta was very serious about her egg dying, she liked it dipped a million times in one color...
Crazy baby! Mommy's birthday cake face I think??
Mommy's birthday flowers and cake face!
Yummy treats
At the beach for Uncle Maffis' and Auntie Chelsea's wedding, what wind!!
Little flower girl
Sassy little sister, wild dancer
Smiles with Daddy... I think this was before being out in the wind??? lol
Look at that little baby!!!!! :D
Little beggars... :)
Looks like the wind had already gotten to me... ;)
Heading out to the wedding on the beach
There's the wind!!! Lol
Corn hole at the reception, fun to make things disappear into the hole!
Wearing mommy's shoes to clip-clop around
This girl's got some serious moves!
Checking out the water... not quite warm enough yet I think! 

Plenty warm for playing at the little beach park!
Gretta and her poor little scuffed nose, happened just a few days before the wedding!
Talking with squirrels
GIANT pile of sand to repair the little beach from storm damage, great fun to play in
Found a turtle!
Sizing it up...
Taking a roll in the sand while Auntie Kiki showed us her kiteboarding skills
Whoo hoo!
Playing at the blueberry farm... there weren't hardly any blueberries to pick!!! 
Another trip to Maymont park
And it didn't take long to find the water again... :)
Checking out the beautiful waterfall
Looking for the giant Koi fish
Wish I could remember what Gretta was so excited about... :)
All done playing in the water????
Big girls walking at Maymont
Gretta checking out the artwork
There's the waterfall!
Stepping stones through the Japanese garden pond
Piggy back rides for tired girls!
Playing in the playhouses while waiting to ride the train...
Yay for train rides!
Scored some wild black raspberries on a walk!
Gretta and Daddy waking up after a nap
It's a bird... it's a plane... it's.... GRETTA!!!
Matchy-matchy girls checking out the peeps
First time bowling, they loved seeing the balls coming back up out of the machine... magic!

Gretta loved the arcade games and dancing to the wild music in there
Finally some beach weather!

Playing with Auntie Kiki's singing bowls

Going to see the fireworks in Manteo 2012
Crazy girls at Ortega's restaurant before the fireworks
Big rock to climb on!
Watching the show, tired girls, but they loved it!!

Paddleboat fun!
Beach time!!!!!
Curls, curls, curls...

Riding the trolly bus in Cincinnati, summer 2012
Trip to Cincy zoo, always a fun favorite
Eskimos with Mimi :)
Yay for train rides!!!  Again!! :)
Petting a baby kangaroo??  Wallaby maybe???
Giant tiger!
Riding the tiger!
Tired girl... :)
Petting a baby crocodile
More piggy-back fun
Playing at Totter's Otterville in Cincinnati, another all-time favorite

Uncle Michael having great success getting Gretta to eat dinner!
WILD Gretta!
WILD Emma Kate!!!  Boy I remember that day, they were SOOOO WILD!!!!!!
Going hiking down to the creek

Wading in the creek... what fun!  If it involves water or getting wet, these girls are into it... 
Another hike to the creek, apparently the diaper and shorts didn't make it home with us... ;)
Let's see how much stuff can be stuffed into the cat carrier with Gretta... they had so much fun playing this game...

Wearing mommy's jammies
Gretta got into my drawer and opened up some mascara...  eons old but still works!  lol  luckily this was the only damage done! 
Finger paints gone wild!
Sophia Maria with Buddito,  she had just come home from the vet school after being diagnosed essentially in heart failure.  We had a few more days with her after this... miss that special girl!!!